Focus on your mission, let us take care of your Beekee devices. Our priority service and support help keep your end users up and running.

  • Dedicated support including chat, email, and live one-to-one video calls.
  • Speedy incident response time.
  • Beekee technician available for remote access intervention.

Fleet management

Remotely monitor your fleet of Beekee devices using the Beekee Cockpit. All via a single entry point.

  • Centralized overview of the status of your devices.
  • Access performance data and obtain automated devices ‘health check’.
  • Perform management operations on your devices including shutdown, reboot, lock.

Learner support

Encourage your learners' pathway to knowledge by being present thanks to learning data synchronization and remote access to Learning Apps.

  • Monitor learners' progress and track learning analytics.
  • Offer supportive teaching by addressing learners' questions. Provide grades and feedback.
  • Keep the contents and activities relevant and updated.

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