Beekee Live

The platform that will help you to boost your teaching

Beekee Live is a web platform that allows students to exchange opinions, collaborate, and share images and files in a safe and controlled environment.

The platform is very easy to use and does not require students to create an account. It works on any computer, tablet or smartphone without having to install any application.

Furthermore, the data is hosted on the servers of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland. Beekee Live respects a strict data protection policy.

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How does it work ?

First, the teacher creates a space on and a code is automatically generated (it can be modified later).
Students are then allowed to connect to the space by entering the provided code and their name. They are immediately ready to post, comment, share and download files, and react to their peers' work.

Following the social media's model, posts will appear in real time, with the most recent on the top. Everyone can comment or "Like" posts. If the teacher agrees to it, categories will allow posts to be sorted, just like folders or hashtags, or filter by author.

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Some use cases

Julien, a math teacher, uses Beekee Live for distance education. He asks his students to take photos of their homework using their smartphones and to publish them on the platform. He then invites them to comment on each other's work to correct or improve it. Julien follows up on their works and guides them throughout the process.

Jo is a biology teacher. She uses Beekee Live during the practical work to follow her students' progress. She asks them to regularly publish photos and comments on their experiences. Students then do peer-reviewing while Jo spots and follows up on the points that require further clarification.

Chris is a primary school teacher. She uses Beekee Live to post a series of photos of art works and asks her students to observe them and to describe their impressions and emotions as comments.

Thomas, primary school teacher, uses Beekee Live as a common portfolio. He asks his students to publish every day a post describing the activities of the day, their expectations, productions, etc. The objective is to create a 'class log', allowing students to be aware of their learning journey, and show to the parents what has been done in class.