How it works

1. Quick start

Turn on the Beekee Hub, it will create a local wireless network in less than a minute.

2. All onboard

Learners connect to the Beekee Hub's WiFi network using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

All they need is a web browser to access the contents and the Learning Apps pre-installed in the box.

3. Make learning happen!

The several Learning Apps available enable multiple usages: consult content, collaborate in real-time, even complete training courses.

4. Remote access

The Beekee Hub features mobile data connectivity, allowing you to keep close contact with your learners on-site: grade their homework remotely, provide feedback, update content, etc.

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Sergio Estupiñán, PhD

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Learning Apps

Discover how the pre-loaded Learning Apps can create amazing learning experiences.

Deliver content

Create, administrate, and deliver digital educational courses.

Integrate any pedagogical format including on-demand and hybrid learning, issue completion and achievement certificates, and more.


Keep your learners captivated and motivated by proposing fun activities, like quizzes, polls, and buzzers.


Maximize learning by allowing students to work together in different activities using collaborative writing tools, digital walls, and live sharing platforms.

Case study

InZone is a University of Geneva’s center that offers higher education opportunities to refugees. At the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya, they struggled to reach and serve the students of this 200K + people refugee camp with their higher education programs.

We proposed to create ‘satellite’ learning centers using Beekee Hubs across the camp and in the neighboring Kalobeyei settlement area. This enabled access to knowledge and allowed refugees to pursue InZone’s higher education certificate programs using smartphones or InZone’s tablets.

Technical data

40 meters WiFi range (2.4 GHz)
Up to 25 simultaneous users
Gigabit Ethernet port

Size & Weight
Height w.o. antennas: 152/5.98 (mm/in.)
Length: 170/6.85 (mm/in.)
Width: 60/2.32 (mm/in.)
Weight: 0.48/1.06 (Kg/lb)

Built-in battery able to withstand power cuts (up to 4 hours)
Up to 16 hours with an external battery
Works with small solar panels

64 / 128 / 512 GB

2 / 4 / 8 GB LPDRR4 RAM Memory

Easily access and handle your devices anywhere

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Fleet management

Access and manage your device fleet remotely, anywhere in the world.

Learner support

Enable remote tutoring and content update. Track learning progress and student activity.

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